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Let your property earn hassle-free. We offer a 100% market rental guarantee for property owners renting out their apartments. Additionally, we furnish apartments to the highest standards and take care of all tenant-related matters. How does it work?
  • We are an official partner of Blueground
    This year, we have become an official representative of Blueground in Prague! Blueground operates the largest, curated network of furnished rentals in the world, designed for individuals and corporate clients seeking 30+ day stays, and now we are bringing their exceptional services to Prague. Stay tuned for the official announcement and many new opportunities for property owners and tenants.

Welcome to the future of renting

Let your apartment work for you

Rent out hassle-free and risk-free

Not satisfied with the low returns and time-consuming nature of long-term property rentals? Have you chosen to entrust all the responsibilities to a property management company, only to see their commissions for guaranteed rentals devouring your profits? Or have you transitioned to short-term rentals but grown weary of the constant guest turnover and noisy tenants?
Bigle Rent offers a lucrative solution! Our unique fully-managed and guaranteed rental model will deliver maximum returns while relieving you of unnecessary concerns.

Turn your property into a profitable investment

We lease your apartment, provide stylish furnishings, find tenants, and ensure its occupancy and maintenance in excellent condition. While most companies focus on long-term rentals, we offer mid-term rentals exclusively for verified business clients. You can forget about tenant issues and enjoy a stable high income.

Rent out hassle-free and risk-free

With us, Prague property owners can enjoy guaranteed rental revenue by converting their vacant properties into fully equipped & rented apartments
  • Guaranteed rent every month

    Forget about the vacancy risk of your apartment. Every month you will receive guaranteed rent in your account even when your apartment is empty. The first rent payment will be transferred to you within 48 hours after signing the contract with us.
  • Guarantee the condition of your apartment
    When we take charge of your apartment, we're committed to returning it to you in equal or even better shape. In the event of any mishaps, we promptly arrange for skilled professionals, handle repairs, and manage insurance matters. Any issues or deficiencies are swiftly addressed, sparing you from long waits.
  • Modern design a complete furnishing
    Our designers have developed interior projects that not only look attractive but also increase the profitability of your property. We will fully furnish your apartment and pay careful attention to every detail to ensure that your property generates maximum returns. Additionally, we are ready to assist with renovations and preparing the apartment for rent.
  • Verified Tenants
    We find tenants for your flat among our network of highly qualified business and leisure travelers and deep roster of corporate clients. Why search for new renters when Bigle can find tenants for you?
  • Time Savings
    Enjoy your time as we take care of everything. All further communication with the tenant is our responsibility. Emails, calls, regular apartment checks, utility payments, lost keys, minor repairs - all of this falls under our purview! You can confidently savor your time while we meticulously tend to your property.
  • Reliable Insurance
    Your property is protected by household and liability insurance. We provide additional tenant guarantees to property owners beyond the standard deposit. Moreover, Bigle Rent has business liability insurance in place.

And, furthermore, profitably

Owners of Prague properties can enjoy guaranteed rental yields with us by converting their vacant properties into fully furnished and leased apartments
  • Guaranteed 100% market rental income
    Forget about exorbitant commissions for property managers and real estate agents. With us, you will receive 100% of the market rental price, and not a penny less
  • Advance Rent
    Need money for a vacation, urgent expenses, or something else? Want rent payments for 3, 6 months, or even a year in advance? With us, it's not a problem. We offer the option to receive rent payments in advance, ensuring you financial security and peace of mind. Simply enjoy life, knowing that your property is in good hands with Bigle Rent.

Forget about the hassles with tenants and enjoy stable high income

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We design & furnish your space
Our team of designers will equip your property with high-quality furniture, stylish bedding and kitchen essentials, and carefully selected details. All of this is to ensure that your property is not only attractive but also maximizes rental income
We Take Care of Everything, You Enjoy the Benefits
Pronajímáme byty pouze prověřeným a spolehlivým nájemníkům, včetně zaměstnanců velvyslanectví, freelancerů, individuálních obchodních cestovatelů a firemních hostů.
We Take Care of Everything, You Enjoy the Benefits
From apartment maintenance to tenant support and service, we've got it all covered. We handle all the responsibilities associated with renting, allowing you to simply savor a carefree, regular income and more free time

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Regular reports ❌
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Advance rent payment ❌
Comprehensive insurance ❌

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From our clients, we've received numerous frequently asked questions. We've compiled the most common ones along with their answers below. However, if you prefer a conversation over reading, feel free to give usa call - we look forward to hearing from you!
For you, it's simple. We rent the apartment directly from you, and we fill it with reliable tenants, whom we also insure. You don't have to worry about anything. We entrust the apartment only to the best, regularly inspect it, and take care of it as if it were our own. From us, you have a guaranteed market rent every month on the same day and in full, even if the apartment is empty or the tenant doesn't pay. Our employees take care of the apartments directly, and we have negotiated above-standard conditions with our partners. Not only will you save time, but you can also count on unique financial benefits, such as prepaid rent and annual rent indexing.


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